Automated Virtual Security Orchestration Center

The VSOC platform is designed to match traditional and non-traditional cyber & risk practitioners with corporate partners from Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy & Nuclear & Federal Public Sector, State Government, and Higher Education seeking practitioners crafted to meet their customized needs.

The Mission

“We Create The Supply For the Cybersecurity Workforce Demand” ​

“Austin Brooklyn Associates II PBC is a B-Corporation, focused on delivering cyber and risk compliance skills to traditional and non-traditional practitioners with a hiring component built into the model for successful students.


David is a twenty-five-year (25) accomplished Executive Intrapreneur, Entrepreneur. He is a Trusted Advisor who applies his innovative, customer-focused, and solutions-driven expertise to customers in the highly regulated and competitive Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Risk Management sectors. David has provided executive and C-Level leadership Essendant, Xerox, One Communications, and Lynx Technologies Partners, Inc.

Shamla Naidoo is a thirty-seven-year (37) accomplished strategic executive with experience managing $100M+ budgets and teams of 1,000+ professionals supporting businesses in 100+ countries. Shamla has worked with Leo Burnett, WellPoint, Starwood, and Bridgewater and is a bar association attorney. She is currently a Managing Partner at IBM. Private companies, public institutions, and governments seek her out by name for her strategy and execution advice. She helps companies decide what to do and shows them how to do it, based on her experience.

Wilfredo is an innovative information technology executive with an MBA and 20+ years of successful experience leading global teams in managing, deploying, and securing multi-million-dollar IT assets in Global enterprises. Wilfredo has worked with such companies as Citi Group, Iron Mountain, Mohican Casino Resorts.

Austin Brooklyn Associates II PBC.

We have re-engineered the talent development and acquisition process from sourcing, training to placing cybersecurity practitioners equipped with the Cyber, Risk, and Compliance skills required to meet the demands of corporations operating in heavily regulated industries ranging.

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